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Tips to Ensure Your Social Marketing It's Done Right

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So, you already know how to get your website on Google and now you're you struggling to maintain a consistent social marketing presence across your social media channels? Did you create profiles on several social media sites that you don’t use because you don’t have the time required?

If you answered ‘yes’, you have ‘zombie’ accounts. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

With so many different social networks available, many people are overwhelmed with how to use them all for the highest business success. Ready to make sure your social profile don’t look like the walking dead? Read on for 5 key social media marketing tips that will liven up your social marketing.

Tip 1: Find the Right Social Network for Your Message

Not all social networks are created equal. Each social network appeals to a slightly different audience and has very different uses for business. Here are some of the most popular social networks and how you might use them.

Facebook was not designed as a business network! If you’re looking for an outlet to share a great piece of hilarious content that you just put up on your blog, it’s the place to be. Your Facebook users primarily want great deals, pictures, videos and content that helps them get to know you and your company better.

LinkedIn is the ideal social network to expand your business network. LinkedIn has a demographic that includes many business owners and high level executives who visit the site regularly. Connect with people that fit your ideal customer profile and then build a relationship by offering a free resource that will solve an issue they might have.

Twitter is handy to keep track of breaking news and trends. If you follow along and publish content that trends, you could drive a lot of eyes to your site. Sharing compelling and relevant images is a great way to get users to notice your content and get your posts re-tweeted.

Are people searching for your products or services? Then don’t forget Google+.  Google+ allows you to post links to content as well as complete posts that can rank in organic search.  Google+ is quickly gaining traction over Facebook in the marketing world.

Don’t forget to consider a profile on Pinterest if your products are visual. Consumers are starting to do a lot of shopping on Pinterest and the average customer order attributed to the site is over $100.

With so many social networks to choose from, how to you pick the top ones to focus your efforts on?  The ones where your target audience are hanging out!

Tip 2: Get to Know Your Target Audience Better

For each social network you decide to be active on, you need to get to know the type of people who use it.  Look at your current customers and reach out to them to connect, then attempt to get into their heads to better understand what they’re looking for and, most importantly, what they expect.

Profiling your target audience will also clue you into how to present content for a particular channel. Even if you are sharing the same link on Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, you wouldn’t necessarily do so in the same exact way.

Once you understand what you should share on each social network, develop a social media calendar to guide your posts.

Tip 3: Create Organic Engagement

The days of spamming your entire network with your marketing messages are long gone. Once you’ve determined the value each unique social networking site has to your business and have profiled your target audience, you need to engage in ways that are both subtle and natural.

One great way to get the attention of your target audience on Twitter, for example, would be to retweet content that you find interesting. All users get a message as soon as their content is retweeted, which will instantly let them know that you’ve been paying attention. These people would then be significantly more likely to see the types of content that you’re promoting and return the favor with retweets or “Favorites” of their own.

Want to get more visitors to your site? Make sure your social post has a great title and a call to action to continue reading the content at your site.  Don’t just post a link to a blog post, give a compelling summary that leaves readers wanting more.

Being a passive social media user gets you nowhere as a business owner.  It is important to be consistent, vigilant & know your audience.  You need to provide content that will keep your audience engaged and ensure loyalty. – Elizabeth Hall,

For maximum exposure, you may want to share your content more than one time on each network. Though most social networking sites like Twitter don’t allow verbatim repeat posts, you can still share a second time by slightly rewording content. By sharing multiple times, you’ll make sure that as many people as possible see your content.

Tip 4: Take the Connection One Step Farther

As you engage with your target audience, you need to think about how you and your brand is being represented. Remember that you need to establish a consistent image across all social networks. You never know when somebody will decide to check you out further and see what you are doing on other networks.

If you want to speed up the engagement, you might reach out to your connections with a direct message and invite them to:

Doing so will increase the chances that these people will begin to take notice of new content that you put up and will promote it.

Tip 5: Be Smart

The social media landscape is a fragile one and one wrong move could turn a hugely successful social presence into a dead zone over night.

Social media marketing tips can essentially be distilled down into one point: use your head. Not all social networking sites are created equal, which is why you have to find the right ones to service your goals. Start slow on one or two and build your presence over time so that you can do a good job.

Pay attention to your target audience and what they need, and focus on the ways you’re making sure that those needs are filled. By following these tips you’ll help make sure that you don’t end up looking like a zombie and instead enjoy a thriving social media presence for years to come.