5 DIY Frame Ideas for Your Paint By Number Canvases

For those of you who got the amazing DIY Paint by Number kits, or those looking try this new fun hobby, this article is for you! So let’s assume you are just finished painting your Paint by Numbers canvas, and it’s ready to be hanged. The DIY kit came in with the seamless hooks, a level, and hook rings to hang it with….

But you feel something’s missing. May be a nice frame? We are here to help you get it done DIY Style! 
Let’s take your DIY Paint by Numbers project to the next level. Here are some cool ideas for an easy DIY frame:

DIY Cardboard Frame for your canvas
This technique uses minimum crafting supplies. Here are the things you’ll need:
1- Cardboard –You also use recycled boxes!

2- Wood Glue
3- Cutting tools (scissors or a cutter knife)
4- Ruler - to draw guiding lines for cutting

1- Lay your cardboard sheet on a plain surface like floor. Your cardboard should be at least 4 inches bigger than your canvas from all sides.
2- Place your Paint by Numbers canvas on top of the cardboard and draw lines 2 inches away from the canvas borders.
3- Cut the cardboard on those lines. Now, you’ll have a large base for your canvas, along with four leftover strips of cardboard. The base for the frame is ready.
4- You can either use the leftover strips to make the top part of the frame by gluing them together. Or use a new sheet of the same size and cut out a smaller rectangle as shown in the image below. Use cutting knife to get a cleaner cut. Strips should be 2.5 – 3 inches wide. And should overlap the canvas when placed on top the base so the canvas.

Now the basic structures for the frame are ready. Decorate the top part before putting them together. Here are some cool ideas to decorate your DIY frame:

1- Wrapping Paper: Simply glue wrapping paper on the strip part.

2- Sequin Look: Paint the strips gold and glue sequin on it to give a dazzling look. Foil paper can also be used.

3- Floral Look: Glue ribbon or paper flowers to give it a fresh spring look.

4- Fairytale Look: You can glue seashell, pearls or recycled old jewelry by attaching its pieces onto your frame to give it a magical fairytale look. It’s better to paint your frame white before gluing and gluing ribbon on the edges to give it a cleaner look.

5- Patterned look: Print patterns of any style using a stencil, like an old net lace. Place it on top and spray paint, or acrylic paint it like below. You can also use tissue paper roll or rubber pieces as stencils to stamp your design with paint.

After decorating the top part, you can assemble the frame:
• Align your canvas on the center of the base cardboard and glue the edges. 
• Glue the decorated strip part above the canvas.
• Attach the hanging material on frame’s back provided with the DIY Paint by Numbers kit (first picture).

Your frame is now ready to be hung. You can now showcase your awesome DIY skills in your living room. Cheers!