A Social Game Set to Take the Blockchain World By Storm, One Dog At a Time!

Take one of the most popular crypto-game ever and improve on the concept - with quick problem-free game play, more engagement and tons more fun. That was the mission that the Coin Dogs team put forth for themselves and it seems that they have met and exceeded these goals. Coin Dogs is upping the cryptocurrency-gaming by introducing racing, bounty, chat, awards, achievements, and accessories.

And even thou we all may really like cats, dogs are after all still man's best friend.

Picture a game where you can make cryptocurrency while you sleep. Imagine being at work and checking your phone to see new payments deposited into your crypto wallet.

In Coin Dogs you breed and race crypto dogs using Litecoin. You can race your dogs on autopilot day and night against other crypto dogs. When other players breed your dogs, you also collect income.

You are a virtual entrepreneur. You are a digital tycoon magnate and the money you earn is not make-believe. Breed your dogs for speed. Breed them for profit. You can also buy them accessories and outfits to make them look better than other crypto dogs.

You aren't breeding cute Bambi. You are breeding your own digital Hercules that is 100% unique. You become your own DNA engineer as you explore 6 trillion genetic permutations to create the fastest crypto racing dog in the game. One that no one else has.

What's Coin Dogs all about?

Coin Dogs combines cryptocurrency usage, gaming, and collectibility into one unique, fun, addictive, and popular experience.

Gaming - this is the first cryptocurrency game that enables users to race each other. Players register their Coin Dogs to race and pay the entry fee in Litecoin. They collect their winnings if their dog wins and can race again if she or he loses. Winning is founded on a variety of the dog's traits, such as her or his DNA, degree of experience, mood, as well as pure chance - just like in real life.

Cryptocurrency - Cryptocurrency makes small transactions low-cost, instant, and seamless. This combination of pure fun and real money makes the game so engaging and even addictive.

Collectibility - Coin Dogs are digital assets that can be bought and sold by users in a simple way. Each dog is one of a kind so the options of breeding them into new dogs are endless.

Addictive and unique game play

Coin Dogs' game play offers a unique mixture of qualities in the crypto gaming space.

The ability to breed unique dogs with distinctive characteristics provides scarcity, which increases the perceived price of these collectible dogs. Due to the social character of the game, different breeds will become desirable by players.

Along with breeding, Coin Dogs' racing component is the very first of its kind in cryptocurrency gaming. Users can sign up their dogs in racing events with a Litecoin entry payment, and the top dogs in each competition collect their winnings. Attributes like DNA, experience, age, and mood affect a dog's racetrack performance.

With a player-to-player game, the social element is also a major factor in people's entertainment and profitability. The Coin Dogs platform allows users to highlight their best dogs for social capital, breeding, and popularity interest.

Coin Dogs was released in the first quarter of 2018. During the initial slow rollout - new players must enter an invitation from current players to start playing.

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