Identity theft is identified as one of the biggest risks faced by people in today’s world. Among individuals who deal with the frustration of identity theft, university students have received a lot of attention. Unfortunately, most of the college students don’t tend to take a look at this fact. Their parents aren’t concerned about it as well.

For a person to become a victim of identity theft, his information needs to be stolen by another person. As per this article on, this can take place in different ways. Out of those methods, financial companies and lending institutions have been identified as the biggest culprits.

identity theft

From the recent studies, it has been identified that around 50% of the college students tend to receive pre-approved credit offers on a monthly basis. Usually the offers come pre-filled with personal information of the students. When they get the offer, their name, telephone number, email address and physical address are already filled. This is an excellent method available for the identity thieves to get hold of information that they require.

Most of the students are not interested in the offers that they give from financial companies. As a result, they tend to throw away the offers. Unfortunately, these offers contain their personal information and they ignore to take a look at the fact. Such documents eventually get into the hands of identity thieves. The thieves just need to pick up those documents from the trash cans. The details available in these forms are more than enough to be used when creating bank accounts or engaging with similar fraud activities.

Identity thieves have found it as an easy task to gain access to the personal banking details of the students. All the students who don’t balance their accounts on time have to deal with this risk. That’s mainly because the students never tend to take a look at what charges are legitimate and what are not. The thief will get started by stealing money in small amounts. However, this can accumulate to become a massive amount in the long run. Therefore, students should be aware of this danger as well.

Social Security Number can also increase the risk of students to become victims of identity theft. In most of the colleges and universities around the world, students are asked to enter their social security numbers in order to log into the online learning platforms. The students can get course communications and complete assignments from this platform. Even though SSN is a unique identifier of the students, this is not the right way to ask the students to log into the online learning platform. The students tend to store these numbers in their laptops. If the laptop is stolen, they will lose out all their details along with SSN. On the other hand, the online learning platforms of most of the colleges can easily be hacked, which leaves students with a higher risk of becoming victims of identity theft.