How to write the perfect resume to land in your dream job

Writing a resume is never easy to do as you think. You will need to pay attention towards several factors. However, you will be able to experience a little relief if you have a clear understanding about the things that employers look for in a resume. Here is a list of four factors that almost all the employers look for when they have a resume in hand. If you can include these things in your resume, you will be able to increase your chances of getting through.

  1. Embellished skills


Generally the employers don’t expect their candidates to possess all the skills that they require. That’s the main reason why hiring managers prefer to search for exaggerated resumes. It has been identified that most of the job applicants tend to include an embellished skill set in their resumes. Hiring managers have realized it as the most common lie stated by applicants. Therefore, all the applicants should be genuine when reflecting their capabilities and skills through the resume. You can also include accomplishment stories to support your skills.


  1. Keyword research


Hiring managers want to know whether the applicants qualify for available positions or not. As a result, they spend a considerable amount of time going through the resumes in order to figure out keywords that are related to the job description. Therefore, you need to keep this fact in your mind when creating a resume with the help of a resume builder. You need to dissect the job opening carefully and then create a list of experiences, skills and knowledge that is required. Then you can go through the list again and figure out the best matches. They will be the keywords that you should use throughout the resume.

  1. Overall career progression


Hiring managers prefer to read stories that indicate the career progression of applicants. Then they will be able to get a clear understanding on why the individuals have applied for the specific position. Therefore, you should highlight all the key responsibilities that were held when you are working for each position. In addition, you need to specify how those experiences contributed towards the overall success of your career. You can also take a look at a resume sample to see how career progression needs to be displayed in your resume.

  1. Online presence and personal brand


All the hiring managers are keen to go through your presence on the Internet. It is an excellent method available for them to get to know more information about the candidate. According to a recent study, it has been identified that more than 90% of the hiring managers look up on the web presence of their candidates. Therefore, it is better if you can include your online portfolio and personal domain in the resume. You can also add the link to your personal LinkedIn account. Then the hiring managers will find it as an easy task to go through your online profiles and gather required information.

Most of the hiring managers get a basic understanding about the candidates within 30 seconds. Therefore, you must include these points in your resume.