10 Gadgets That Add to the Fun of Your Vacation

Vacation is a time when you can completely forget about work, clients, deadlines and focus completely on relaxing and enjoying yourself.


You may choose to go backpacking around Europe, plan a camping trip with your friends and family, or take the touristy route and book a vacation package to Bali for a hassle-free vacation.

Whatever your choice, you are bound to take with you a few gadgets to accompany you on your vacation.

From quirky and cool to absolute must-haves, here’s a list of 10 gadgets that add to the fun of your vacation:

1. Travel Charger


If you are constantly worried about your gadgets running out of juice, a travel charger is an absolute addition to your list of things to pack. If you are worried about which charger to choose,


The Satechi Type-C 75W-Multiport Travel Charger can charge up to four devices at a time. With features such as fast charging and Macbook support, this charger eliminates the need to lug around multiple chargers on your trip.


2. Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones


A boon for music enthusiasts and people who hate the hustle and bustle of traffic, the AO Noise-Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones helps drown unnecessary ambient noise at the flip of a switch.


It has a playback time of 20 hours on a single charge and features an AUX option so that you can continue listening even when the battery is low.


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3. Portable Cooler


It is not always possible to find cold beverages especially if you are on a remote beach or camping in the woods. This makes a portable cooler an essential item so that you do not have to worry about keeping your beverages cool and your eatables fresh.

Rugged, Durable, Bear-resistant, customizable with the added benefit of keeping things cooler for longer, the Otterbox Venture-Cooler should be on your list of coolers to consider if you enjoy camping out.


4. Sandless Mat


Although a beach mat may seem like a lo-fi gadget at first, it is, in fact, a perfect companion for a day out on the beach.


The Sandless Beach mat can help rid you of worrying about getting sand in places that you wish to avoid. The Beach mat cleverly filters the sand when it falls on top preventing the send from settling on the mat.


5. Action Camera


Action cameras have become an absolutely necessary gadget for adventure and thrill seekers alike because of their versatility over other cameras. They can help document your adventures on land as well as underwater.


If you are looking for an action camera but do not want to invest in a GoPro, you might want to look at the YI 4K+ Sports and Action Camera. With features like 4K recording, touchscreen, Wi-Fi capabilities and a slew of other accessories, this action camera is a natural replacement for your DSLR.

6. Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots


These are essential gadgets with a tie-up to your local network carriers to help you keep connected even when you are traveling or on your vacation in a foreign country. If you are someone who likes to stay connected and cannot be separated from their smart-phone even for a second, then you should consider investing in a device.


The Skyroam Global Hotspot claims to provide unlimited data for a period of 24-hours for a price of $8 and can connect up to 5 devices. This is the device for you if you are constantly worried about hefty data bills while traveling.

7. Portable Blender


Portable Blenders are a heaven-send for those of you who like to start their day off with a glass of smoothie. It can be a hassle sometimes to carry along the chargers for your phone, camera, laptop while you are traveling.


If you are looking for a portable blender that functions without electricity, the Revablend Non-Electric Portable Blender will absolutely delight you. It utilizes blades and the power of your hand to make smoothies, unlike other portable electric blenders.

8. Smart Backpack


Normal backpacks are passé, now it’s all about smart backpacks which perform a multitude of functions rather than simply hold your stuff. There are a number of smart backpacks available in the market specializing for your every need, whether you are a working professional, a camper or a leisure seeker.


If you are looking for a backpack that can do anything, you should consider the Lifepack. With features such as a solar powered power bank, Bluetooth speakers, secret pockets, and protective rain cover, Lifepack is going to be your perfect travel companion.

9. Water Purifier Bottle


Sourcing drinking water can be a bummer if you are stuck camping or in a place without bottled water. In such situations, it is very risky to drink river or tap water as the water might be full of bacteria and viruses. Water Purifier Bottles can come in handy and help avoid any such situation as they decontaminate water making it suitable to drink.


One such product is the CamelBak All Clear, which can purify 0.75-liter water with the help of its built-in UV light and rechargeable batteries so that you don’t have to carry bulky bottles of bottled water everywhere.

10. E-Book Reader


If you plan to sip on a Pinacolada by the beach as you catch up on your reading habit but cannot seem to make up your mind as to which books to carry along, you can go for an E-Book Reader instead and save up on precious luggage space.


The Kindle Paperwhite can store thousands of your favorite books in one place so that you never run out of options and can switch whenever you wish.




The sole purpose of a gadget is to make life easier for us. While choosing a gadget to accompany you on your travels, always consider the benefits it can actually provide you with. This will help save your money and you can avoid buying something that you will use only once.