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Leslie Wilder, Author

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5 health tips for a prosperous and healthy life

Health is wealth and we all know about it. But the sad part of the story is that we forget to follow the healthy regime which can actually help us to stay fit. So here we are going to share with you few tips which can help you stay fit and healthy.
  • Daily exercise: Exercise is something which you cannot afford to neglect if you are looking forward for a healthy life. We are not suggesting you to hit the gym and exercise with the heavy gym equipment. All that you can so simple is some freehand exercise, 30 mins walk or a light speed running in your jogging track. This will help in maintaining the body blood circulation smooth.
  • Heavy breakfast: This is something which you cannot afford to mix or else be ready to be the store house of N numbers of health problems. Skipping of breakfast is something which many of us actually do in our daily life because for hectic lifestyle. But avoid this practice and ensure to take healthy and nutritious breakfast daily.
  • Unwind the mind: The whole day remains hectic for you and you need to make your brain feel relaxed before you sleep. Don’t go to bed straight after dinner or after doing day end work. Give minimum 30 to 40 mins time to allow the brain to come down after food or work and then go to sleep. This will make your brain stress free.
  • Quit smoking: Are you addicted to smoking and finding it hard to leave. Trust us your smoking habit is taking a toll on your body. Confused what to do to leave the addiction of tobacco. Here we have a solution for you and you can take help of vaping. So what exactly is this vaping? It is also known as e cigarettes. It is basically an electronic device which helps in simulating the feeling of smoking in a smoker. It actually works by heating the liquid for generating an aerosol, also known as "vapor", which the user inhales. As there is no tobacco in e cig it does not affect the body and still offers the same feel of traditional smoking. It is a good device to help you quit smoking.
  • Keep the body hydrated: One of the most important aspects to enjoy a healthy life is to keep the body well hydrated. How you can do that? You need to take enough amounts of water, juice and soup. To turn your drinks more interesting why not add up few drop of lemon and mint leaves to charge up the body well. Avoid taking aerated drinks in place of water or juice as it contains added sugar. Keeping the body hydrated helps in cleaning the toxins of the body.
So follow the above 5 tips strictly and you will get the chance to enjoy a healthy and wealthy life. Health is the biggest asset of life which needs the maximum attention for a prosperous future.
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